Enya Can't Sail Away From Stalkers

Enya’s Dublin castle suffered a second majority security breach in the space of a week when an obsessed fan broke into her home and tied up a maid before probing the property in search of the star.

Enya was forced to flee to a safe-room whilst the man spent two hours searching for her. He eventually fled with a number of stolen items when Enya activated a panic alarm but remains at large. Security at the six-bedroom castle has now dramatically increased amid fears that he may return.

The incident was the second major stalking incident within the space of a week. Earlier a different man had breached security and entered the house but was subsequently arrested by the Gardaí. The incidents are subject to a continuing investigation.

These latest terror fears represent the third time that Enya has been stalked. Previously a crazed Italian fan, who would walk around Dublin with a framed picture of her hanging from his neck, bombarded her with love letters whilst following her every move for over a year. The man later stabbed himself after being ejected from a pub owned by Enya’s parents.

Enya, Ireland’s biggest-ever selling solo star, is set to release her eagerly anticipated fifth album, ‘Amarantine’, on November 21st. ‘Amarantine’ is Enya’s first album since 2000’s ‘A Day A Without Rain’, the success of which made her the world’s biggest selling artist of 2001.

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