Save the Hoodie

Queen of the chav, Lady Sovereign has taken it upon herself to represent the UK in her quest to save the hoodie from the current wave of middle England's alarmist tactics and negative media tagging. By dedicating a positive track to her first love, the hoodie, she aims to not only outline the absurdity of banning an item of clothing but to draw attention to the greater social issues at heart.

The savethehoodie site link features an online petition. All supporters' names will be printed off and presented by Lady Sovereign later this year to those in power responsible for the hoodie bans.

The site will also serve as a meeting place for those united against the stripping of our civil liberties. Supporters will be invited to post up pictures of themselves in their favourite hoodie and get regular updates on new ways they can join the fight for the cause.

As Sovereign puts it “If someone commits a crime it's not about what they are wearing, it's about the person wearing it, a criminal is a criminal no matter what they wear…. Don't blame the innocent hoodie, you should be able to wear what you want!”

'Hoodie' featuring featuring remixes from Basement Jaxx and Mizz Beats will be released on November 21st On Islands Records.

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