Art Brut to support Oasis!

Just days after Art Brut gave a stunning performance at a packed Cartoon in Croydon, they will be jetting off to Europe to support Oasis on two dates

Hamburg will be the location next Wednesday 19th when Art Brut take to the stage prior to the Gallagher brothers. A day later they will be doing the same thing in Denmark. Understandably the band are very excited about it. Speaking directly to Glasswerk on the phone while boarding the ferry, singer Eddie Argos said,

“It's Amazing! I want to get Liam Gallagher to sing My Little Brother!”

Of course, Art Brut are already celebrities out in Germany. Last month they were on the cover of German Rolling Stone Magazine, and with numerous other German dates lined up before Christmas, Art Brut may be considering a move not to LA, but Western Europe.

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