Living out of a van… 65 Days of Static on tour!

Two of the most exciting new bands on the circuit, 65 Days of Static and Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies, are currently on tour together. Check them out as they spend the latter half of October travelling across the country together.

Despite what some would have you believe, it isn’t 1981 anymore. While many lesser artists are content in their desperate scramble to relive the glories of a distant era some of us demand more from our 21st century rock ‘n’ roll. Something more relevant. Something to truly call our own. It’s been long overdue, but finally two of Britain’s quintessentially futurist acts join forces for one of this year’s most essential doubleheaders.

Formed in Sheffield in 2000 65 Days of Static have dragged post-rock kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Electronic music has always been tentative in its absorption of live instruments. Similar rock music has been similarly conservative or unsuccessful in expanding into an electronic field. 65 Days of Static are among the first to convincingly fuse and balance intelligent dance music with the most leftfield of avant-guitar music. Their current long player ‘The Fall of Math’ (Monotreme) is one of the few records that could genuinely be described as a successfully adventurous crossover bearing equal resemblance to the glitch noodlings of Aphex Twin and the expansive and schizophrenic landscapes of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. With much of the national media united in its praise as well as play on MTV and Radio 1 this could be the last chance to witness 65DOS’s stunning live show in such intimate surroundings.

“Go home, take your play safe indie-punk records and burn them. 65 Days of Static have their heads in 2007 and everyone else is thirty years behind…Magnificent.” – Simon Smerdon, Playlouder.

Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies aren’t one guiding vision for the future. They don’t represent one whole truth but a whole range of possibilities. Time signatures may change more often than an obsessive compulsive’s socks but this is far from gratuitous. YMSS confidently challenge conventional song parameters while still maintaining a strong human connection. Their unconventional approach may at times feel intriguingly queasy but the desire to interpret the music through physical movement (i.e. dancing) is near irresistible. From their more typically post-rock roots, material has branched out into evermore innovative territory even incorporating a cappella choruses and jazz wig outs.

Despite producing some challenging and fairly oblique sounds this hasn’t affected YMSS’ success. Thankfully neither has success diluted their unapologetically avant-garde sounds.

The press also seems to share YMSS’ futurist vision. ‘Freezing Scene’ was made single of the week in Kerrang! And their astounding ‘Hurrah! Another Year…’ (Fierce Panda) sold out so quickly that it received a much enlarged repressing earlier this year.

“Situated midway between yourcodenameis:milo and Mogwai, YMSS are clever, original – and sadistically unpredictable.” – Kerrang!

In a future that seems increasingly daunting, the rich musical past may offer comfortable sand in which to bury our heads but 65DOS and YMSS want no part of it. Do not be afraid of future. Come and join these leading forces and meet it head on.



MON 10: NORWICH, Waterfront ^
TUE 11: MANCHESTER, Academy 3 ^
WED 12: NORTHAMPTON, The Roadmenders ^
THU 13: SHEFFIELD, Fuzz Club ^
FRI 14: NOTTINGHAM, The Social *
SAT 15: LEICESTER, Charlotte *
SUN 16: BRISTOL, The Croft *
MON 17: NEWCASTLE, Cluny *
TUE 18: ABERDEEN, Moshulu *
WED 19: GLASGOW, Barfly *
THU 20: HULL, Adelphi *
FRI 21: LEEDS, The Cockpit *
SAT 22: CARDIFF, Barfly *
SUN 23: ESSEX, University *
MON 24: BELFAST, Auntie Annies
WED 26: LONDON, Rhythm Factory *

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