Ewan Pearson @ Basics 29/10/05

Soma Recordings pass 100 electro volts right through your skin and with Ewan Pearson backing this up at Basics on 29th October in Leeds it’s sure to be an electronic fest of creativity.

Ewan is a master of his craft that has mixed with the likes of Goldfrapp and Royksopp. Providing a globe trotting web of experience, Ewan is fantastic in that he features influences from around the world that will have your tastes buds buzzing. The newly released mix compilation 'Si-Fi-Hi-Fi' will feature an awe inspiring megalomaniac mix of pulses and beats with exclusives like ‘Odd Bassliner’ and Carl Finlow’s twisting mix of Villalobos ‘Easy Lee’

Provocative and outstanding, Ewan hits the spot with a refreshing blend of new wave dance music. His band mate mix background, piled with global influences enable his music to be well crafted into layers of hypnotic and feel good factor disco.

So what are you waiting for a must see in my opinion, a secret underworld of intelligent dance is building backed up by rapture esq bands. For now though, you must dance on another planet to mixers of genius like Ewan Pearson.

Ewan fronts a promising night with Ralph Lawson, Buckley James Holroyd and Lee Wright on 29/10/05 Rehab, Assembly Street, Leeds.

Check it out!

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