Live 8 DVD

On 7 November 2005 (8 November 2005 – US) the biggest live event DVD project of its kind will be released. Live 8 brings together performances from the amazing series of concerts which took place around the world on 2 July 2005…….Live 8 – One Day One Concert One World

The 4-disc set contains three discs of live footage taken from the Live 8 shows staged in London and Philadelphia alongside key highlights from the seven other events staged across the world. Every artist who performed at London's Hyde Park and Philadelphia's Museum Of Art appear on the DVD, many of them with their full sets.

“It was 20 years ago today…” Live 8 opens with U2 and Paul McCartney's crowd-rousing rendition of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and also features Pink Floyd's historical reunion, Robbie Williams's show-stopping performance and Madonna's breathtakingly energetic set. Younger artists such as Snow Patrol, The Killers and Joss Stone comfortably intertwine with rock n' roll legends such as The Who and Sting. One-off duets come from Paul McCartney and George Michael, Stevie Wonder and Adam Levine (Maroon 5), Elton John and Pete Doherty and Coldplay and Richard Ashcroft. Disc 3 closes as the London concert closed on 2 July with the stars of Live 8 Hyde Park taking to the stage for the stunning 'Hey Jude' finale.

Along the way the Kaiser Chiefs waved the flag for Britain in Philadelphia. Their vigorous performance is captured alongside American superstars Destiny's Child, Bon Jovi, Black Eyed Peas and soul legend Stevie Wonder.

Single disc sets for the Paris, Berlin, Rome and Toronto Live 8 concerts will also be made available. These individual collections offer the chance to view these concerts in greater detail, giving fans access to the very best local artists as well as extra tracks from key international performers.

EMI and the Live 8 organisation have agreed that a generous royalty from sales of the Live 8 DVD will go to the Band Aid Trust for the relief of hunger and poverty in Africa.

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