Southern Electrics Interview

Let’s start with the basics. Who does what in the band and how did you get together?

The Southern Electrics are: Ovais Hai : Drums, Eddie Wilson: Bass, Tony
Ounsworth: Guitars, Joe McGruddy : Keyboards/Backing Vocals Bill McGruddy: Vocals. I put the band together a couple of years ago, my brother and I were sick of hearing the same old sounds so we decided we would do something a bit different.

The new single “Save You” is fantastic. What is it about?

Save you is a song about people¹s perception of each other, and how every single person has at least one thing they can teach us. For example: as human beings it is extremely difficult to open our hearts or our true selves to each other because we are afraid of being left vulnerable. in fact some of us are so afraid that if we truly let go we will die, but once you do, your perception is greatly enhanced and the world is an altogether more positive experience.

What has influenced your sound and lyrics?

So many bands as well as life experiences, Hendrix, Beck, Led Zeppelin,
Charlatans, Primal Scream. All the lyrics are based around modern analogies and my own life observations and philosophies to help me and others like me to lead happy and fulfilled lives.

What can we expect from you live?

A rock and roll explosion of tongue in cheek, sometimes disturbing,
illuminating indie electro rock. We all have strong stage presence almost
in the old school sense and we have also been told that there is a nostalgic touch to our stage shows.

Tell us about the album?

The album is very eclectic, it¹s a journey from old to new and beyond. Lots of rock riffs electro synths n’ beats , then sometimes acoustic and
haunting or warm and friendly and then hard and fast again. I think what
ever genre music you are into there is at least one track on the album
you¹ll like. Something for everyone!

What have been the highlights of being in this band?

Working with and meeting such great people and the reaction we get from our audiences. It never fails to amaze me the lengths our fans will go to support us.

Best Gig?

Has to be Scarborough Beach 2005 or Newcastle Academy 2006, really
receptive audiences in their thousands!

What does the future hold for Southern Electrics?

Lots more hard work. We have started recording our second album which will be a more cohesive body of work, the next single is Electric Love which was inspired by our gig in Scarborough. Once we have finished recording we will tour Germany as our first album is to be released there in March, and then another UK Tour in June 2006 followed by festivals. As for the long term I think we’ll stand the test of time as I think we have what it takes to achieve longevity. Only time will tell!!

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