Ex-Wildheart at Purple Turtle Feb 28th

Plan A, featuring Jeff (ex-Wildhearts) will be headlining at the Purple Turtle on Tuesday February 28th.

“Formed in late 1998 by ex-Wildheart Jef Streatfield, 'Plan A' was formed with the passion of your first ever band. Being part of a scene wasn't to be included in the job description, passion and sincerity was. Since late 2002, when they were reduced to a three-piece, they have released a new EP called 'Just Leaving Acton' (produced by Waynne Smart), written too many songs for an enormadome tour and honed the live set to a frantic mayhem of punked-up Rock 'n' Roll. This is now being thrust upon as many people as they can reach.”

Support comes from three excellent bands: Suddenly Vince, The Aeroplanes and Seven Days Later

advance tickets are available at discounted price from link

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