Envelopes to play Outbreak2

Glasswerk is pleased to announce that Envelopes will be headlining the Purple Turtle on Friday March 10th, as part of Outbreak2 – the Glasswerk/XFM music festival taking place in North London.

Provoking the laws of nature by having the 5 members of the band in 2 different countries and 4 different towns for 3 years, the swedish and french fellows of Envelopes are now gathering in North Yorkshire among different kind of animals to experiment with their new guitars and microphones. “One foot in mid-eighties C86 strum-along Peel staple indie, another in a puddle of angular Pixies/Pavement discordance, this whilst smoking a jazz cigarette of 60's psychedelia, taking in country-esque shambling pop & harnessing some brief & charming tunage throughout of most enjoyable proportions!

Listen to them at link

Support comes from Ciccone, The Cherry Bombers and Steranko.

There are only a limited number of tickets, and these are available from ww.glasswerk.co.uk/tickets or from the venue itself

For full details on Outbreak2, check out the Glasswerk micro-site


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