Psapp – new album, tour dates and balloons!

2005's debut album Tiger My Friend introduced us to the wonderfully
surreal world of Psapp. Their winning formula of addictive melodies, electronic frolics and fond sounds put Galia Durant and Carim Clasmannon the map, finding favour with critics and public alike both here and abroad.
Now, after much tinkering in their Kings Cross HQ-cum-home studio, the
duo are set to return with a new album – The Only Thing I Ever Wanted –
on a new label – Domino – set for release in May. Brimful of
undeniable pop hooks and gorgeous, mosaic-like arrangement details, it
is surely the most poignant songwriting ever to be underscored by toy
animals and kitchen utensils.

To celebrate the release, the band plan to release 50 helium balloons
over London each with a different message. The finders of these balloons
will receive exclusive drawings and a copy of the album.

Psapp are gearing up for live dates both here and in the US coinciding
with the album's release. The band are already known to US audiences
via ABC TV drama 'Grey's Anatomy' which featured 'Cosy In The Rocket' as it's theme song. The show is due to hit UK TV screens soon and Psapp's forthcoming live dates will be announced in due course.

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