Glasswerk presents: Reverend and the Makers

Glasswerk is pleased to announce a series of dates for Sheffield's Reverend and the Makers, tour buddies of the Arctic Monkeys.

Hot on the heels of their Sheffield compatriots, Reverend and the Makers are widely tipped to be one of the breakthrough bands of 2006.

Tickets for the following dates are available from link

May 2nd Spread Eagle, Shoreditch London
May 24th Leeds University Union Building Leeds
May 27th The Magnet Liverpool

For more information have a look at their myspacepage link or the official website link

…And what to say of myself? In the part where you sell yourself like a second hand car and convince those that have never heard that you are the coolest or that you have reinvented the wheel and the like… I'll save the fake spiel and pretense, divert from the formula of “say this and everyone will think you're the man”.

Truth be told I had a million and one ideas floating round in my mind, the sort of thing that would drive someone crazy if you did nothing about it and beavered away at the 9-5 like a mouse on a wheel. And so you get to looking out of the factory or the office window and in trying to make sense of it the words just come. Tunes get written and ideas typed in outboxes and scrawled on the back of bus tickets until they're given form and become songs.

Maybe you might understand what i'm trying to say. Maybe you'll think its bollocks but you'll enjoy the groove and that??? I wish I could say I loved this band or that singer and that's why im doing this, but as I walk down the street I hear every type of song and maybe what i'm trying to say is that it all seeps into your mind somehow, until it all pours out!! If it moves you in someway, even the the tap of a foot then the war is won…

We are Reverend and The Makers

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