Cujo know what it means…

It was not so long ago that Glasswerk reported on an innovative by London rockers Cujo. Faced with the task of choosing their next single, the band let their fanbase decide via an on-line vote.

Such an approach immediately gained the thumbs up from Glasswerk, for we have long recognized the need to involve your audience in as many aspects as possible in order to maintain and increase interest. Other bands have taken to including fans in videos or even a Fantasy Fans League Table. Cujo’s tactic ensures that fans have a very hands-on effect on the band’s future. If the single is a massive success then they can take some of the credit for that!

Cujo were delighted with the response to the campaign and are pleased to announce Do You Know What It Means? Is the winner and was released on Monday 17th April. Because of the incredibly high vote tallies they have gone a step further and included Never Get Enough, making it a two-track single.

As a gesture of thanks to both their loyal fanbase and new recruits to the Cujo cause, three tracks from the debut EP AlieNation have been given away for free on their myspace page link

To launch the single, Cujo will headline a Glasswerk night Upstairs at the Highbury Garage on Thursday April 20th. Please show your support and come down to what will be an excellent night with main support coming from the excellent Magna Saga (ex-Overdrawn).

Clearly the Cujo fans have their heads on when it comes to musical taste. Early signs are extremely encouraging for the single with it being aired/play-listed on BBC6 Music, TotalRock Radio, Pulse, and numerous college/uni radio stations, while Karmadownload have confirmed it will be one of their featured releases.

At the same time, MTV are featuring numerous AlieNation tracks on an upcoming worldwide series and Channel 4 Music are currently featuring the band in a national promo campaign (running on Channel 4, E4, national radio, online and interactive bus-stop posters around the country).

Check them out, Cujo may just be your new favourite band.

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