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KING BISCUIT TIME: 'Black Gold' album released 15th May on No Style Records

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…if John Lennon was thirty-three and alive he would be making music like the political acoustic hip hop of King Biscuit Time aka Steve Mason … he wouldn't be rewriting 'Across the Universe'.

And the other thing that people miss out about John Lennon-is that he was a political animal like Steve Mason. When Steve made an anti-George Bush comment whilst opening up for Radiohead in the United States … the CIA followed him around for the next few shows.”

Alan McGee

Christ you know it ain't easy … but when the Beta Band broke-up, a psychedelic people's nation mourned their death. Now they have cause for celebration with the rebirth of Beta Band frontman Steve Mason under the guise of King Biscuit Time. Steve Mason is Alive; Long live King Biscuit Time!

But it ain't new. Beta Band obsessives will have already known of King Biscuit Time with his two critically acclaimed eps in '98 and '00, now in '06 King Biscuit Time is resurrected with the forthcoming single 'Kwangchow' and forthcoming album 'Black Gold'

But let us not forget. The Beta Band was omnipotent. They were the Neptunes of Rock; creating new beats and signature sounds for others to follow. They invented a new genre called The Beta band. Their name was the name of the new genre. In 1999 and 2000, it was de-rigueur to have a song influenced by the Beta Band – from Super Furry Animals, Oasis, Radiohead, and Beck through to Fence Collective, The Earlies and Simian.

However with King Biscuit Time Steve Mason has left the confines of major label tomfoolery of EMI (cue Sex Pistols EMI) to go it alone with his independent label 'No Style' alongside fellow maverick Alan McGee.

So brothers and sisters rejoice! As usual in the post-Beta-world, things have gotten undoubtedly get weird again with the human being that is Steve Mason.

From the politically-charged Dancehall of C I AM 15 and the pop-art-jangle of Impossible Ride to the jaunty popiness of forthcoming single Kwangchow; Mason employs a combination transmogrified of psychedelic, punk, dance hall, pop, hip-hop and electronics into his wide-screen, surround-sound international around-the-world-in-a-day dada pop that exists in isolation to everything outside his own planet… like the beautiful vocal harmony that adds so much melancholy to 'All Over You' through the ride down the kraut-rock autobahn of MetalBiscuit.

King Biscuit Time is the first act to release an album which is entirely 100% biodegradable. The 'Act-Pac' is a revolutionary design from modo, which replaces standard plastic trays, with recyclable carbon neutral trays.

See the band live at the following dates:

Ireland, Galway, Roisin Dubh

Ireland, Limerick, Dolans

Ireland, Cork, Cypress Avenue

Ireland, Dublin, Whelans

UK, Edinburgh, Venue

UK, London, Scala

UK, Birmingham, Barfly

UK, Brighton, Hanbury Ballroom (Mojo Stage – Great Escape)

UK, Manchester, Academy 3

UK, Glasgow, Oran Mor

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