We Will Rock You The Show MUST And WILL Go On

We Will Rock You Heads For Its Fifth London Year – Extending Current Bookings to April 2007.

London's Queen/ Ben Elton extravaganza “We Will Rock You”, which has already broken all records in the Dominion Theatre, becoming one of the West End's giant hits of recent years, will have a dual celebration in London Thursday week, May 11th.

Not only will the show mark the start of its fifth year at its West End home, but the producers will also announce that, in response to huge demand, they have postponed plans for a move out of London for a regional tour, and WE WILL ROCK YOU will now continue on at London's huge Dominion theatre for the foreseeable future.

The London celebrations, May 11, are expected to see show creators Brian May,Roger Taylor and Ben Elton in attendance to share the show's continued success with the company and cast. And if the annual drum beating of the past three years is anything to go by, it will come as no surprise to see the creators take an active involvement in the performance that night.

Explaining the show's halted exit from the West End, which was slated to come in October, producer Phil McIntyre says: “The fact is, the show has proved such a continuing draw with both the home market and visitors to London, that it became obvious that a move this year would be premature. Besides which, the theatre owners very much wanted us to stay. In the end, they, and the public, made the decision for us”.

Heading for what appears set to be a blockbuster run, a new version of
WWRY has its South African opening at the Nelson Mandela Theatre in
Johannesburg May 9.

This month's opening in South Africa will mark the sixth country We Will Rock You has now been performed across the world, with a global audience to date in excess of 5 million. Imminent productions include a December opening in Zurich, Switzerland, and same month a return to Japan. Further international productions are to be announced for 2007.

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