Heavy as a really heavy thing!

On 14th June 2006, Glasswerk brings you the finest in local extreme music. Openers Microsleeper produce a sonic maelstrom encompassing death metal, jazz and grindcore in one fell scream, while new boys Result of Betrayal bring more originality to the equation with hardcore riffs, tribal beats, epic song structures and the live energy of a brand new band making their mark on the scene.

Ogun have been honing their brilliant live show for years, providing their audiences with chugging riffery, soaring solo's and, in their own words, “more metal than a spoon”. After playing around 100 local gigs, they certainly know what they're doing.

And finally hard-rockers Zuprowski Connection demonstrate how mixing opposites isn't always a bad thing in music. Combining the best bits of metal and grunge and bringing their own hard-hitting style to the equation, They have continued to stun local audiences since playing their debut gig last year.

Amongst a sea of side-fringes and shoegazers, 'Heavy as a really heavy thing' brings you the best hard-hitting, guns-blazing music the North-West has to offer. And all for 4 measly quid! See you in the pit.

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