Screaming Tarts to release 20 track compilation this July!!

Screaming Tarts is a music based Ezine featuring interviews, reviews,
photos and much more. It covers mainly Glam/Sleaze/Indie/Rock/Goth and Punk bands, well known acts, and smaller, less well known bands, who seem to get ignored by most of the other music press.

In the spring of 2005 Screaming Tarts put together it's first compilation
album, featuring Ariel-X, Planet of Women, Nebraska, Rachel Stamp, Tat, Kinesis, Plan A, At Risk, Locus of Control, D:Models, Antihero, Scarlet Soho, Joanovarc, Sack Trick, Drugdealer Cheerleader, Antiproduct and Maple Bee.

A 2nd album, featuring Teenage Casket Company, Electric Eel Shock, Brand Violet, Lucifer Star Machine, Pornovurt, B*Movie Heroes, Headrush, Grand Rose Band, Blunderbuss, Ten Foot Nun, McQueen, Phluid, THE*GA*GA*S, dragSTER, Inner Mantra, Miss Black America, Zombina & the Skeletones and My Ruin followed in November 2005.
7 months on, and Screaming Tarts is about to put out it's 3rd compilation album, this time featuring 20 tracks.


01. Phluid – Bang Bang
02. King Lizard – Hell Yeah
03. Mary-Jane – Love
04. The Alive – Away
05. The Evangelists – Microwave Man
06. David R Black – Signals
07. Renegade Playboys – Bad Gurlz
08. Patchwork Grace – Nancy
09. Uniting The Elements – Thank You
10. Disarm – Getaway
11. Star Scream – Scenester
12. The Visions – Morrissey's Tongue
13. Blow Up Betty – She's A Gonna
14. Devilish Presley – Black Glitter
15. Chairmen of the Bored – Suffocating
16. In So Far – Dream Alone
17. Zen Motel – Head
18. Robin Black – Seventeen
19. Catfish Scar – Scarred
20. Bernard – Your Song

The album is available to order now, priced £6, via and link

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