Paolo Nutini – Live webcasts, new single and new album! Phew!

Paolo Nutini, the angelic-looking boy of 19 from Paisley, is performing a series of live webcasts for your viewing pleasure!
Famed for his tender vocal style and rather fey demeanor, the singer songwriter who is barely out of nappies is already taking the media by storm. A growing reputation in his homeland caused the young lad to drop out of school and head for the bright lights of London, performing regularly at the Bedford in Belham, before being signed to Atlantic Records.

Catch the live webcast here at 1pm: link (coming from a secret London location).

Other Paul Nutini webcasts will be coming up on the following dates:

Wednesday 12th July – Atlantic Records HQ (London)

Thursday 20th July – Dingwall (London)

Paolo's new single 'Last Request' will be released on 3 July and debut
album 'These Streets' will be released on 17 July through Atlantic

For further info on Paolo Nutini, see here link

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