The Puppini Sisters – instore performance

When you hear the Puppini Sisters for the first time, you could be forgiven for thinking that they are not a band formed in the 21st Century.

Their singing style, to match their vintage clothing style, is distinctly 1940s, and to be honest, it does make this writer half wish she was born in this time of ladies and gentlemen that the Puppini Sisters are so clearly inspired by. Their jazz-infused songs and quirky demeanor are something that is distinctly lacking in today's pit of skinny-jeaned, mullet-haired Razorlight-esque indie kid bands. These ladies have style and grace reminiscent of forties film-stars, and songs to match.

If this is your bag, and I'm darned sure it's mine, catch them at a one off instore performance on July 31st at HMV on Oxford Street at 6pm. Or, should I say, His Master's Voice.

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