Year Zero – No Music Snobs Allowed

Getting a bit tired of all this 'retro' and 'vintage' malarky? Wanna hear new music… well, now?
A new clubnight in Camden run by the NME's (cough cough splutter.. no we're not condoning it, don't worry) Mark Beaumont may well be able to help you out.

If you wanna rock to The Rapture but are sick to death of “House Of Jealous Lovers”, you love The Killers but are ready to commit bloody murder the next time you hear “Mr Brightside” and you adore soaking up new or unreleased songs from Ali Love, Klaxons and Metric but don't like getting sneered at by the obscurist white belt brigade for also wanting to dance to Arctic Monkeys, then Year Zero – a new monthly club night hitting the second Friday of the month at Camden's bed n deckchair haven of the Proud Gallery, Stables Market, opposite the Lock Tavern – is for you.

The policy is simple they will only play indie, electro, rock and nu rave records released within the past (or the next) twelve months then, once a song reaches its first birthday, we give it one memorial spin and then nail it to the wall. With a hammer. With the coolest breaking bands playing every month and exclusive first plays of the biggest alternative acts' new tracks (expect the best new material from the likes of Outkast, The Killers, The Rapture, The Fratellis, The Holloways, Robots In Disguise, Kasabian, You Say Party We Say Die! and Larrikin Love and September nailings for 'Do You Want To', 'Living For The Weekend' and 'Two More Years').

Hits of tomorrow. Dancefloor smashes of today. Nothing of yesterday.
Disposable it may be, but that's what pop is all about.

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