It’s that time of year again when the south visit the north in an orgy of musical spectacle. The biggest UK music conference surrounded by the largest collection of gigs, bands, artists – all screaming out for attention. But, do yourself a favour. Sort through the chafe and visit the Dry Bar for and Vmanevents ITC festival. Three stages, five days, 100 bands, bringing the best new acts, some well established crowd pleasers and a supreme mix of melodic entertainment for your ears only.

Friday 27th – Tuesday 31st October @ Dry Bar, Manchester. Bands include The Others, Yes Boss, New Rhodes, Marvin The Martian, Brigade, Circulus, Johnny Panic, The Dodgems, Haven, Cosmic Rough Riders, V//Formation, Virgin Marys, Blondelle, Blackwire, Quit Your Day Job, Soho Dolls, Young Offenders Institute, The VCs, SixNationState, Domino Bones plus loads and, seriously, loads more.

You may not care about the issues discussed by the music industry’s elite; just come, see the range and spectacle of the music delivered in this one venue festival.

You may care passionately about where the music industry is going; just come, see the range and spectacle of the music delivered in this one venue festival.

The point is, if it’s all about the music then music is where you should be at, and this is certainly where the music is….at.

On that note we are delighted to announce that the following acts will be appearing at this year’s event.

Friday 27th October
The Others
Yes Boss
New Rhodes
Red Eye Banquet
Gideon Conn
Arthurian Romances
Marvin The Martian
Twenty Six Feet

Saturday 28th October
The Children
Otro Mano
The Dodgems
Second Floor
Ok Tokyo
Lyons and Tigers
Iain Archer
Duke Riot
Mayor McCa
The Deodates
Johnny Panic
Forgotten Hopefulls
Dear Superstar
Gone Till Winter
The Lucida Console

Sunday 29th October
Cosmic Rough Riders
Virgin Marys
Extinguish Her
The Romance
The Terminals
Go Faster
Boy Called Roy
The Red Wings
The Generalissimos
The Rivers
Yr Impossible
Hot Dead Fox
The Cut

Monday 30th October
Quit Your Day Job
Soho Dolls
Young Offenders Institute
The Hair
Frame Of Mind
Special Brew
Strand Arcade
The VCs
The Loungs
Gerard Starkie
Dirty Circus
Exit Calm

Tuesday 31st October
Domino Bones
Stolen Peace

Wow. Did you manage to get to the end of that? Some sound bites on the bands….

See link for more info and latest updates.

Tickets are available from here:

Friday Night

Saturday Day

Sunday Day

Monday Night

Tuesday Night

Weekend Ticket

And for you own amusment read a little bit about some of the bands below:

The Others
Not them, The Others. That’s what they say, what we say, and it what is said. Make sense? Good.

Yes Boss
Signed to hip label of Forward Russia’s creation, Dance To The Radio, this Leeds duo come from an indie background and mix it up with a hip hop sounding grin-a-thon. Tipped? You bet ya.

Red Eye Banquet
Hailing from the murky waters of London that have given birth to the likes of The Mystery Jets and Larrikin Love, Red Eye Banquet (REB) bring their fresh rock-punk-ska-hip*hop sound to In The City. On the back of recent high-profile gigs, and with increasing radio play from likes of Lamacq and Kennedy, it is hoped REB will soon be putting pen to paper.

Recently signed to a brand spanking new label ran by the very man who gave us (inflicted) Pete Doherty and the Libertines. Although to be fair The Libertines were good, its just Doherty who is not.

Heard of these? Even if you haven’t, go and search for them on t’internet and look at the pictures. Ace. You will see what I mean when you see them. Post-medieval, post-baroque something sounding collective of trippy hippy new age dreamy-ness.

Yes he is the brother of whatsit of Busted, but really they are making their own mark on the world of pop-rock. Full blooded guitar action from these tight jean wearing young boys.

Mayor McCa
One man bands have never been so cool. Honestly

Johnny Panic
These east end boys shun the dirty east end coolness for some wholly alternative geetar pounding

They have been there and done that. Top twenty singles with heart warming generosity and now they have a new album. Haven are back.

Cosmic Rough Riders
Does what the name suggests. They are cosmic. They are rough. I am guessing they like to ride.

Belfast is best. That’s what these say. From the same stable as Winnebago Deal, The Crimea, Ash…. Would you bet against them?

The Romance
Another Arctic Monkeys in the making. Damn those kids and the internet. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend Mr Major Label, if you are not of this generation you will not get it.

Leeds is cool. It’s official. How many bands have come out of Leeds in the past year? Loads, that’s how many and Blackwire lead the way. They are still here. Go see.

Quit Your Day Job
Well you would if you could. Maybe these Swedes already have, they spend enough time over here. Highly rated, highly prized. These are not Ikea.

Soho Dolls
Dirty, Sleazy, scummy, dysfunctional, torrid, gritty… this band is adorable. Pop at its grimy best.

Young Offenders Institute
Named after they all met in the same YOI, they… actually I am making that up, but, probably, I could be right.

Domino Bones
Its Bez’s band. What to expect? Who knows, its Bez after all.

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