Nottingham! Hear the call!

We aim to prove there’s more to Nottingham than Robin Hood, Brian Clough’s legends and Rock City. has compiled a list of the top bands from Nottingham.

Manchester has Oasis, Sheffield has Pulp, Birmingham has Sabbath, London has The Clash, and Liverpool has The Beatles. Even Wolverhampton has Slade!

The Nottingham music scene is something that appears to lack a name, a real massive star that brings music home and gives the city their musical identity.

This list of bands and singers compromises of some class acts – no doubt about that – but who is Nottingham’s top act? Could it be the Tindersticks? Stereo MCs? Pitchshifter? Or is it Edwin Starr? The Motown star may be the biggest name to have resided in Nottingham(shire) but he was born in Tennessee.

So who are the real stars of the Nottingham music scene? Look no further than the unsigned giants of Swound! The surf/grunge/powerpop five-piece, featured on are a bit different than most bands. Not one for the mainstream crowd, they are as heavy as they are humorous, repetitive as they are refreshing. We love ‘em and Steve Lamacq doesn’t mind them either!

If in the past there hasn’t been a band to take Nottingham to the UK masses then why not look to the future? The talent is out there but you have to go looking for it. That’s what working for Glasswerk is all about. Digging through stacks of demos, reading blog after blogging blog, the passion and enthusiasm to keep music live and real. We are always looking for new writers and people who think the same and new artists who are busting balls to make it. It’s more than a message it’s a lesson.

Stereo MCs – link
Pitchshifter – link)
Seachanges – link
Tindersticks – link

Gaffa – link
Bent – link
Consumed – link
Verbal Warning – link
Trippin’ Over Wah – link
Computerman – link
A Band – link
Phil Whyman – link
Fat Tulips – link
Six by Seven – link
Earthtone 9 – link
Scum Pups – link
Sabbat – link

Top Nottingham bands on

This is the way the world ends
Electric Mouth
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