Eighties Matchbox play Glasswerk London and Liverpool

Glasswerk.co.uk is pleased to announce two amazing Christmas shows by Brighton 5-piece The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster.

December 28th – Purple Turtle Camden (London)
December 30th – barfly (Liverpool)

All tickets £8, available from link


The Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster stand alone. Zeitgist defying, pioneering and carrying the weighty baton passed from Tom Waits to The Doors to Beefheart to the Birthday Party to the Jesus Lizard to the Pixies to the Queens Of The Stone Age. They’re a peculiarity, an anomaly, five young men (in their twenties now, all but one teenagers then) friends for most of their lives, and on Millennium Eve, sick of bands masquerading under assumed excitement, decided to do it themselves

With parents of six different nationalities, English, Scottish, Indian, Sri Lankan, Iranian and Greek, their darkly intense manner and darkly intense looks made for an unusual bunch. Growing up in cosmopolitan Brighton, fast becoming London-by-the-Sea, they perpetually socialised whilst pursuing chemical and hallucinogenic oblivion, perversely combined with Buddhist chanting and contemplation. Like Beefheart they ‘unlearned’ their instruments. The ensuing passionate racket translated to their first live shows, fifteen minute sets, impossible to tell one song from the next, a massive barrage of sound that left the audience reeling. Guy McKnight would propel himself at the terrified front row, shaking and snarling, an Iggy Presley hybrid, the rest of the band would stomp and pose like speed-demented divas and the band’s own strobe lights, left full on throughout, would convert all the frenetic energy in the room to disassociated slow motion. Carnage and chaos abounded.

The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster live like they do to make the musical world a richer and more vivid place to be. You should be proud.

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