Steven Seagull and The Thunderbirds

If you love action movies and debates over who is the best actor, who would kick who's ass or who's rock band would be better, then this is one for you.

Steven Seagal and Thunderbox

Steven Seagal is a 7th degree black belt Aikido master, starring in over 20 action movies, he is also an accomplished blues musician and songwriter.

Expect some kick ass riffs and some Flying-V punches as he takes the stage with his all-action backing group. Expect your ears to be 'Under Seige', and find your tapping feet 'Hard To Kill', all the ladies will have 'Fire Down Below'. If you are 'The Patriot' then your loyalty lies here.

Saturday 10th February 7:30pm 'On Deadly Ground' of the Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool.

Tickets start at £28.50, although it might be cheaper to buy a DVD box-set.

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