Thomas Tantrum

Thomas Tantrum the band are a four-piece and originates from Southampton, UK. The lead singer, Miss Mega also plays guitar. On backing vocals and guitar as well is David Matt, on bass is Jimmy Shivers and on Drums, Ken Robshaw.
If you have ever heard of a band called ‘The Noisettes’ then I can tell you that ‘Thomas Tantrum’ can be compared to their sound, but with some very ‘wiry guitar patterns’ (Quote from Miss Mega herself)
The bands first single ‘Armchair’ was released on the 4th of December, and is limited to 100 copies. 500 copies on 7” vinyl and 500 on CD.
The single was released on ‘marquis cha cha’. Other bands on this label include ‘The Bromhead Jackets’ and ‘The Oxfam Glamour Models’
A band that promises big things for 2007, and their next gig is December the 21st with ‘The Oxfam Glamour Models’ ant Club NME-The Empire.

more info at the band's official website : link

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