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Keane release ‘A Bad Dream’, taken from ‘Under The Iron Sea’, on 22nd January 2007, through Island Records.
A Bad Dream is inspired by the WB Yeats poem ‘An Irish Airman foresees his Death’. It is written through the eyes of a soldier, and questions his conscience as a human being.
Written by one of the country’s most respected song writers, Keane release one of the most acclaimed tracks from their Number One second album, ‘Under The Iron Sea’.
Keane have recently completed their captivating UK and European sold-out tour, where ‘A Bad Dream’ stood out as one of the live highlights of the show.
This year the trio have firmly established themselves as one of Britain’s most treasured bands and have achieved International success not seen from a UK act in many years.
Keane is an English piano rock band from Battle, East Sussex. The current members are Tim Rice-Oxley (composer, writer, bass guitarist and pianist), Tom Chaplin (lead vocals and organ), and Richard Hughes (percussion). Former members include guitarist, Dominic Scott, who left in 2001.
Keane is known for using a piano as its lead instrument instead of guitars, significantly differentiating it from most rock bands. However, the band does make use of effects pedals and synthesizers, giving it a wide range of sounds beyond the limits of traditional piano tones. Tom Chaplin's vocals, which often make use of falsetto, are also considered to be a notable part of the band's style

Image: Album cover

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