Frank Iero drops out of MCR Japanese tour

“My Chemical Romance have lost a member at the start of their Japanese tour. That is to say, one of their number won't be taking part, not that they've mislaid him at the airport or anything. Guitarist Frank Iero has temporarily left the band having been forced to drop out of the tour because of an unspecified illness. Todd Price from the band Drive By will fill in on the tour until Iero gets better.”

My Chemical Romance (My Chem, MCR or The Black Parade) is a multi-platinum American rock band. Formed in 2001, the band consists of Gerard Way (lead vocals), Mikey Way (bass), Bob Bryar (drums), Frank Iero (rhythm guitar) and Ray Toro (lead guitar). The band members hail from Belleville and Kearny, New Jersey, except drummer Bob Bryar, who is from Chicago, Illinois. Bassist Mikey Way coined the band's name from a book entitled Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance, by Irvine Welsh.”

(Source cmumusicnetwork)

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