Glasswerk is excited to co-promote a brilliant new night in Shoreditch, at the Horse and groom this Thursday 18th January.

Girls power Shoreditch club nite – what with Kate Nash best friends Peggy Sue and The Pirates, one woman dynamo Theoretical Girl and the seven headed all-girl DJ troupe The Horrorbelles, Captain Phoenix's new club nite will have the boys running scared and looking for cover behind a barman's apron.

It's a real special sneak chance to catch Katy and Rosa, as next stop for the Peggy Sue pair is the privilage of Nash's single launch bash at the end of the month. And if that wasn't enough, TG is dashing back early (honest, we've seen the schedule) from the glam of a Paris gig to entrance us with her kick-ass fragility. Last month, the Times online said “Theoretical Girl is an electro rock ingénue, a musician not afraid of taking centre stage and singing about her innermost emotions”. We say – blimey! They said “Scarcely five feet tall, with delicate limbs that poke out of her tiny baby-doll dresses, Theoretical Girl conjures a pixie.” We say – thats magic, getting that girl out of a hat!!!

Mind you, the whole nite comes out the traps at full pelt, with The Total Drop opening. Thats another band where the female of the species, Anna to be prcise, takes the alpha role. Some muso journo said “An abundance of catchy hooks and a voice of pure magnetism…The Total Drop are a pop group” (Artrocker Magazine). We're not arguing. At least there's a few blokes in the band to even up the numbers a bit. And we, the Captain Phoenix all-male boys-only no-skirts group will be rattling out a set too.

But somebody's screwed up init cos we're only asking a poxy £2.99 to get in. Thats like 75p a band, pus a nice penny back. Bare nang we say.

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