Chris Martin + Kayne Collaboration

Chris Martin has officially gone hip-hop, as it has been confirmed he will follow-up his Jay-Z guest spot with an appearance on the new Kanye West album.

The Coldplay front man will duet with the rapper on the track “Homecoming” which will appear on West’s third album, “Graduation”, due at the end of the year. The Gwyneth-loving singer previously performed on the title track of Jay-Z’s recent “Kingdom Come” album. Can we expect the rappers to return the favour on the new Coldplay album? The “X & Y” follow-up gets more intriguing by the day.

Coldplay played an exclusive gig at the legendary Abbey Road studios in London this week, and hip-hop supremo Kanye West happened to be recording next door, laying down the soundtrack for Mission Impossible 3.
Luckily the super-cool American star, 28, didn't mind his work being interrupted by Chris and his band, and even agreed to record a duet with Chris on the spot.

A source from behind the the mixing desk told The Mirror: “Kanye didn't mind being interrupted and after Coldplay's show Chris joined him in the recording booth for a jamming session. They did a track together which sounded amazing. Fingers crossed it will get to see the light of day.”

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