Glasswerk meets Second Sex

The flourishing Parisian indie scene was kick-started, much like its London equivalent, by The Libertines paying a visit. Having supported Baby Shambles, Second Sex are now considered the heralds of a new wave of indie music in their homeland. Renowned for their chic appearances; fashion and Parisian rock walk hand in hand. Startlingly good looks aside, Second Sex are first and foremost a Parisian indie rock band. Through club nights such as Tryptique, Givus and le Cagibi, indie has become a major part of the Parisian youth scene – much like London everybody knows everybody else, and backstage at a gig looks like school prom.

The four-piece’s name is a reference to French philosopher Simone de Beauvoir. Drummer Sacha explains “French literature defines the second sex as the woman. We wondered why would the second sex not be a definition for men.” Quite a feminist idea for an all-male band. It's a step in the opposite direction to the rivalling trés trendy Ed Banger Records' collection of nu-rave artists, headed by the electronic Lolita Uffie, Prince-inspired Sebastian and DJ So Me.

“The French music scene isn't really composed by Rock'n'Roll. It's not what we really like to listen to. But Rock'n'Roll is coming up in the French music scene” explains Sacha. Singing in both English and French, these boys have managed to extend their appeal to the British rock scene. Sacha continues, “We like French because it's a way to be understood by every French person and it's our language. We also like to sing in English because it sounds better and most of the music we listen to is in English.”

The band are currently leading a new army of adolescent bands in France. Whether Second Sex fizzle out in a matter of moments remains to be seen, but the current explosion will be felt here when they visit for a tour in May.

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