The Dead Class show booted for Arctic Monkeys

Local punktastic trio The Dead Class were recently informed that their Liverpool leg of the UK tour is to be moved from the Carling Academy due to Arctic Monkeys playing the same night. The previously booked gig in Carling Academy 2 is now being used as an overspill room for the Sheffield entourage on April 14th.

Compensation and free tickets for The Dead Class were gratefully accepted by the band's management but as “it still says Carling Academy on thousands of posters,” the worry now for the band is that people will now turn up to the Carling Academy and have to watch The Arctic Monkeys!

The Dead Class – Barfly, Liverpool. 7pm. Tickets £5. has a pair of tickets for this gig to give away for this gig. If you wish to win the tickets then answer this question:

What is the name of The Dead Class' first album?

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