Live Review


The Central Station in Wrexham is awash with girls in short tartan skirts and thin pale lads who look like they need a bloody good feed from mum. Yes tonight is Goth night in North Wales with The Blackout, who are basically a mini me version of the Lostprohpets, set to perform.

The boys choose to sport the now typical, my parents don’t understand me and I’m getting a tattoo look, whilst the girls have the ‘I wont; be listening to this stuff once I get to University’ look. The band hit the stage with more energy than a case of iceatonic lucazade sport and proceed to perform a more than enjoyable set. Looking around the venue during the concert one is left in no doubt that black is very much the colour of choice that does sadly clash with my green t-shirt and red braces. They play crowd favourites ‘Fashion Conscious Suicide’, ‘Hard Slammin’ and ‘I’m a Riot’ creating much excitement and jumping from the kids. Looking down at the moshing kids from the ramp way, I quickly glance to my right and all you can see is the adult faces at the back waiting for this ghastly noise to stop and for their kids to age quicker so they wont have to come as well.

The devotees gathered fall out of the venue happy with the feeling of acceptance they experienced, something lacking in their middle class families, that is until they need their first car to go to download with. As for me this really isn’t my bag to be honest as I am past the age of 16 and don’t find black clothing, body piercing and bad tattoos a way to go. The band has excellent stage chops and performs with absolute conviction and a true fire in their bellies. Big things may be just around the corner for the boys and it will be interesting to see if they are ready to whore themselves quite as much as The Lostprophets have managed to do over the past twelve months.

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