The Disappointments - Reasons to Revolt
Album Review

The Disappointments – Reasons to Revolt

The Disappointments are anything but. After only 17 short years on this earth they have produced a 13 minute blast through 5 tracks of (admittedly) A-typical, politically charged hardcore punk.

Sure, there’s nothing new here, but it is done with such a youthful hit of force that any such drawbacks are quickly cast aside in favour of the simple joy of this short record.

Pumping, urgent bass lines make way for frenzied guitar attacks, kept together with a conscious appreciation of melody. All in all, a record which is instant, immediate and bothered, I’m sorry if this reads like a piece of record company promotional fluff, but The Disappointments have it. Give it another decade, and it will, sadly be gone, but right now they’re flying.

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