From Grace - Frayed End Network
Album Review

From Grace – Frayed End Network

Whenever I listen to ‘heavy’ or ‘death’ or ‘nu’ metal I am always curious. Firstly, I’m curious as to how my folks would view it or what they would think if they found me listening to it. You might as well tell them I’m gay.

Then I think about how much more liberal we must be these days to allow music like this so much closer to the mainstream. Where once, listening to bands like From Grace would have been tantamount to devil worship, now it’s a huge part of the music scene (especially Stateside).

I like From Grace because they stay true to what they love. They don’t try to skip between genres like so many acts these days who want to please everyone, akin to MPs canvassing for votes. These band members don’t give a toss what you think! It’s warts n’ all guitar music with reassuringly terrible vocals and some unsurprisingly good hooks. Indeed, there are some lovely little instrumental break downs which wouldn’t be out of place on a Chilli Peppers record. Musically, they also remind me a bit of Hella.

I have already started screaming the lyrics to ‘Low Life Crisis’ but I might have to have a rest as my throat has just taken unpaid leave after a mere thirty seconds. These metallers are a hard breed aren’t they? Imagine the size of their balls!!!

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