Slaves To Gravity - The Fly
Live Review

Slaves To Gravity – The Fly, London

Slaves to Gravity have the grunge power rock thing going. A look of rockstars, their Asian background is unquestionable and curious. They are brothers; I presume they must be, except for drummer Jason Thomopoulos, who might be from the Bronx…or Greece. How one amuses oneself between bands is ultimately up to oneself but answers on a postcard or in the comment box below please…
Slaves To Gravity are a band that carries airs and graces when allowed. Their egos are unfortunately part of their growing image but who wants to be loved by everyone anyway? A stark contrast to the lovely lads of Suddenly Vince, to whom I probably owe a drink to for some voicemail abuse directed at drummer Mike. Accept my semi-sincere apologies for disturbing your shopping trip on Denmark St. Their performance in The Fly tonight sees a rammed crowd and support from the unclassified punk rock trio Devilish Presley. Their image is of teddy boy Goths, with touches of psychobilly, thrash and speed metal thrown into the mix. Colourful, crazy and genuine. Unlike Vigilante, the pseudo American spoof merchants, whose thin veil of disguise is cringe-worthy but that’s exactly the reaction they want. An altogether bulbous line up of geeks, freaks and Slaves To Gravity.

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