Carlton Patterson & King Tubby - Black & White In Dub
Album Review

Carlton Patterson & King Tubby – Black & White In Dub

If you like Dub, I’m guessing you’ll like this. I’ve never felt so laid back, and at twenty-one tracks even the most tightly wound commuter will have no choice but to succumb to this sixty-nine minute calypso-dub journey. That’s approximately how long it takes me to get home.
I’m not normally a fan, but I definitely enjoyed the sense of ease with which Carlton Patterson and King Tubby appear to play. And it feels like they are at play, not implying they are in any way ‘playing around’, you can sense their professionalism, they know this genre inside-out. However, what’s most pleasing to me about ‘Black & White In Dub’ is every twenty-one tracks feels like it has been composed by the two most profoundly talented and confident schoolboys. I get the feeling they are smiling – like maybe they know something we don’t.

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