The Choke - The Choke
Album Review

The Choke – The Choke

I can’t understand what The Choke are trying to achieve. If they like writing, recording and performing, that’s cool, but why do they want feedback? I’m not going to tell them I like it, or that this is original, even contemporary. They can play their instruments, but so can Insane Clown Posse.

The Choke’s two-track EP, including Extra and Luv Me Tomorrow is a succinct, post-punk parody of the early eighties I never want to relive. For me everything is right, the vocals are in tune, execution and delivery are timely, and the songs are fortunately short. However, I can’t stand the genre, the taste, or the feeling I’m being whisked back into dungerees and social oppression.
This makes me want to throw bottles.

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