Astariel - Lets Kill Fame EP
Album Review

Astariel – Lets Kill Fame EP

Synth pop soloist Astariel music collects elements of artists such as Depeche Mode, Soft Cell, Nine Inch Nails and assorted 90’s indie together, his latest EP Lets Kill Fame certainly captures these influences but there is a distinct lack of a killer tune to really set him apart from the others.

First track Axeface has a haunting lingering quality, Jarvis Cocker fronting Soft Cell. It just sounds quite tired, predictable and very dated. B-sides Hearts at Stake and Knock It on the Head are more of the same, the songs seem incredibly self-absorbed. With better production and expanding the gothic theatrical element in his music might give his music a bit more originality and lift from what at the moment is a rather unexciting collection of songs.

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