Parka - If You Wanna?
Album Review

Parka – If You Wanna?

Despite sounding like a character in a play about the life and times of Liam Gallagher, Parka have crafted a summertime indie stroll to accompany you on any beach you care to grace this year. It is rollicking B-side, ‘Hoxton Hair’ that clumps together The View and Oasis, in a homesick, spindling guitar pushed strut that will capture the attention of the indie/trendies out there.

The vocal broadness of Mr Matty culminates in a The Proclaimers on a go slow of ‘Closing Time’, celebrating the Scottish origins of this flitting quartet. Parka hasn’t held back here and each of these tracks will probably make it onto the debut album, after they have whipped up a storm with snippets like these and it could earn them a place on the NME Tour next January. They have the right vibe for it.

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