Manic Street Preachers - Your Love Alone Is Not Enough
Album Review

Manic Street Preachers – Your Love Alone Is Not Enough

Old school Indie rockers the Manic Street Preachers return with another ‘summer anthem’ and also a timely reminder on how triplicates can be used effectively in prose.

Your love alone is not enough is a pure early nineties style Indie Rocker, even to the extent where they rope in Nina Persson from fellow nineties high-fliers the Cardigans. On joint vocals, her voice compliments James Dean Bradfield’s really well and does a big job raising it from the average indie stomper that it is.

For huge Manics fans Your Love Alone is near perfect, following the bands tried and tested hit parade topping formula – the track could be drawn from the bands popular Everything Must Go album with parts of the song sounding very similar.

For me, this is where the song slips up: the song is far too formulaic and in many ways boring. Certainly one for the fans of the Manics, but if you are glad the mid-nineties are long over, it’s probably best to stay well clear.

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