The Dears – You And I Are A Gang Of Losers

“If there’s one place in where the gap between the rich and the
poor is too hardcore; it’s this place.”

This cutting lyrical snippet from the nigh on six minute, blues, soul rocking B-side ‘Howling’, is the epitome of The Dears mentality. Having caused a quiet stir last year with their ‘Gang Of Four’ album, whereby the stern Canadians entrenched themselves as no-nonsense, mood building musos. This A-side builds in slow noire accompaniments that are the perfect backdrop for Murray Lightburn’s slow, emotive cries.

The Dears quite literally wear their lyrics on their sleeve (the CD sleeve) and, the Tim Finn singing stroll bears out life as an underdog with aplomb. A choral element blends catchy togetherness and defiant power that shows The Dears bond, to be getting tighter. ‘People Like Us’, sees a return to a folk/blues grounding, slowly building in defiance and strength, whilst filtering in a longing, homesick element. These Canadians are happy for Arcade Fire to receive all the print, they just want to do what they do with little fuss. This is an approach that, ironically, is earning them worldwide respect and recognition.

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