Blood Red Shoes - It’s Getting Boring By The Sea
Album Review

Blood Red Shoes – It’s Getting Boring By The Sea

With the vocal duties split 50-50 between Laura-Mary Carter (Guitar) and her younger brother Steven Ansell (Percussion), this is a true partnership in terms impact. Therefore, for their debut for V2 Records they have conjured up a meaty, new wave fused romp of an A-side. That is punctuated by knocking percussion, as though they are trying to let the vocals in. This facilitates the boredom and bemusement conveyed and Laura-Mary’s guitar grind keeps the rustic vibe trundling, culminating in a slightly off-kilter, retro stomp.

For B-side ‘Box Of Secrets’, the pair teases us with a Feeder-esque intro before opening up an atmospheric Pandora’s Box, drilled home by slow thumping drum slaps. The sparse and low-key vocals aid the eeriness and helps show a darker side to this cherub looking pair, as they build up to spasms of yelping to rival Be Your Own Pet. Adventurousness is the key to unlocking the world of this Brighton pair.

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