Kaiser Chiefs - Everything Is Average Nowadays
Album Review

Kaiser Chiefs – Everything Is Average Nowadays

It can definitely be said that the Kaiser Chiefs have most certainly found their sound.

Their new single “Everything Is Average Nowadays” is astoundingly catchy, full to the brim with crowd pleasing guitars, poppy hooks and easy choruses, and it creates a real summer atmosphere with the chirpy seaside organ and happy – go – lucky lyrics.

The B-Side “Out Of My Depth” is good, but that’s about all you can say. You can’t pick a fault with this single really, but it does wear thin pretty quickly. It is a very simple song, and has a real “three-out-of-five” vibe to it.

Ok, so the Kaiser’s don’t let you down, it’s a typically good chart topping single, but with it’s title it really is an ambiguous step in the wrong direction to come out with a single that really is average.

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