Does it offend you
Album Review

Does it offend you, yeah? – Weird Science

It’s a tough decision to make when asked your favourite type of music.

And when Glasswerk asked for a top three for reviewing purposes it was rather daunting, especially in these days when genres blur and bend and are sometimes in danger of breaking.

But being sent this single is proof that I must have made the right choices, sure it’s a mess and a full on audio assault, but what a beautiful mess. The days of the smooth polished electronic sound of Daft Punk and Air is under threat from the down right filthy sounds acts like Does It Offend You, Yeah? are making, a new breed of electro that refuses to sit alongside the Fredde Le Grandes of this world.

It bleeps, it squeals, it shrieks, it glitches, it buzzes, it pulses. It takes a minute and a half for it to really kick in and it doesn’t remind me at all of the cult eighties film of the same name. It forces you to sit up and take note as it chews up and it spits out possibly decades worth of influences and leaves Mylo trembling.

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