Bonde Do Role - Bonde Do Role With Lasers
Album Review

Bonde Do Role – Bonde Do Role With Lasers

“Death to your speakers!” And thus opens Bonde Do Role’s debut effort, and its time to forget all those phoney adverts claiming their product is the ultimate party album. No, that would be this album right here.

Whether or not it’s musically or lyrically any good is debatable, but Bonde Do Role have crafted something filled with life. They’ve got songs about fucking, songs about partying, and one song about a gay James Bond…I think. Something gets lost in the translation from time to time but for the first half of the album it’s likely you won’t care, you’ll be too busy trying dancing. You’ll just want to dance, regardless of how cheesy it is.

Nabbing samples all the way from Grease to AC/DC and back again, Bonde Do Role occasionally try too many things at once and it gets a bit crowded. Luckily, most of the songs don’t stick around long enough to become annoying, and the joint boy/girl lyrics work brilliantly over the looping and electrifying instrumentation beneath it all.

It’s a top-heavy album though, with the last half of the album trailing off dramatically. Meaning it might not be the soundtrack to your party for a prolonged period of time, but if it does make an appearance, you’ll know it, and you’ll remember it. Just maybe a few more memorable single-worthy songs next time, eh?

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