12 Stone Toddler - Twang
Album Review

12 Stone Toddler – Twang

Thankfully the words above are in the right order and what we have here thankfully sounds nothing like those much hyped and thusly overrated Brummie lads The Twang. In fact what we have is a band that is probably more suited to performing on Later with Jools lending some boogie woogie style piano to it then being hyped to death in any mainstream fashion press.

The vocals sound like the singer has soaked himself in whiskey for the last several years while also prone to smoking the odd cigarette or 40. These vocals swagger there way over a tuneful Gomez style backing which has the added bonus of featuring an understated keyboard which has more than a little in common with some of Supergrass’ finest moments. Not revolutionary but special enough to stand out from the rest.

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