The Fratellis - Ole Black ‘n’ Blue Eyes
Album Review

The Fratellis – Ole Black ‘n’ Blue Eyes

“Ole Black ‘n’ Blue Eyes” is a charming folk track. It’s easy to listen to and cleverly cute. Admittedly, it’s not a club track, but that’s for the best as it means it won’t get so overplayed. This song, with nice acoustic guitars, and lyrics as poetic as “And I can take her dancing/ just to give the girl a chance/ and I was never that good/ at being nice when I should.” make this a sarcastically sweet song of love, with all stringing me along problems that they seem to face throughout the whole album.

This track really is genuinely nice. It plays no tricks, it has no silliness and yet it has the charm to entice new fans, entice new fans and even convert those that hate the Fratellis purely for the fact that “Chelsea Dagger” is so overplayed. It is listenable and likeable and a good choice of single for The Fratellis.

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