New Young Pony Club - Ice Cream
Album Review

New Young Pony Club – Ice Cream

This is a brilliant bouncy disco-pop tune that I can’t put down. It’s got charm, wit and real personality. Understandably, Ice Cream was sought for a 2006 Intel commercial, I knew I’d heard it somewhere before, understandably because this is a great song, professionally produced, and executed with what sounds like grit in it’s pocket.

I upped and danced to this for my girlfriend, but not before donning canary yellow drainpipes, floppy hair and a cardi. Then I grooved, as does the track. I mean I really got down. It performs to an awesome pulse, grinding at the knees and posteria. Ostensibly non-sensical lyrics and fashionably drab vocals. Ooh, the irony. In a really camp word…super!

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