Saosin - Voices
Album Review

Saosin – Voices

There is a song within Saosins new single ‘Voices’, but it’s almost completely covered in mediocrity and disguised in generic bland piant.
The opening melody feels unfinished and soulless. Anyone could have played it, indeed most bands would have dismissed it. The entire song needs more work, more of Saosin’s identity, more of there blood, sweat and ideas. It’s easy to just see this as bad, and it would be unfortunate if Saosin were resigned to the oblivion of sound-a-like bands as they do have ability to produce better work, but this hasn’t happened yet and in a world where bands need to be instantly successful and very rarely get the chance to develop Saosin need to more fast, a stronger statement needs to be made and ‘Voices’ is not it.

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