The Answer - Rise
Album Review

The Answer – Rise

This music makes me feel a little queasy. It’s like visiting a parallel universe where everything is similar but nowhere near as good as on Earth and everyone wears Golas instead of Nikes and listens to The Answer instead of Aerosmith on their MP2 players. Most bands who copy others at least have the to dignity modernise the sound or try to make it different from its predecessors but these guys were obviously absent for that tutorial at their ‘Academy of Classic Rock’.

I mean, there might be a small pocket time warped kids in America who will be willing to buy Rise from the bargain bucket at Rock Shack, or Maceys or wherever they get their tunes from but, mark my words, most of those people will grow up to be overweight, partnerless and hooked on similarly out of date computer games. There is still time for you my children! Just go and have a wash, do some exercise and never, I mean NEVER, listen to this utterly charmless, awfully re-hashed and lyrically inept music again. Oh and don’t start me on the lyrics (Free the people, you gotta free the people yeahhhh x20 etc.). Some of this stuff would be perfect for Spinal Tap 2.

If this is The Answer, god only knows what the question is.

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