Live Review


After a drive from the North of Wales to the Capital that took what seemed like four lifetimes I make it to Cardiff University Union with minutes to spare before The Enemy take to the stage. The fact that they have sold out this venue at this time of year gives you a strong indication of how huge they could be by Christmas.

The crowd is full of the usual indie posers mixed with a large amount of kids hardly old enough to buy sweets. They get on stage to rapturous applause and proceed to plough through an impressive set of short sharp indie pop designed to do exactly what it says on the tin. The people pogo with abandon and the band just keep it coming, and for close to an hour people are as satisfied as they could possible wish to be on an evening out in Cardiff. Renditions of ‘Away From Here’ and new single ‘Had Enough’ cue sing-a-longs and much excitement and you can tell the boys on stage are loving the spotlight. The Enemy now head out on the festival trail before coming back for another UK tour in October, another sell out no doubt.

People fall out of the venue and proceed to walk to the nearest kebab shop for some lining for their stomachs after much libation. The band can be very happy with their live chops as they are without doubt a heady mix of confidence and cockiness will see them stars by the time the chrimbo decorations go up this year. Coventry has been off the musical map for quite some time, not for that much longer though I suspect.

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